Our workshops

Tackling some of the barriers that inadequate school communication causes can be a challenge. This is why we developed very specific workshops for the main areas that improving communication will address. Each workshop delivers tangible actions that can be implemented immediately. Whether you are a MAT looking to work better together across each of your schools or a single school, one of our workshops will enable you to tackle your biggest communication challenges with confidence.

Improve parent engagement for better outcomes

Engaging parents is a challenge for many schools. We will work with you to help you to understand your current levels of parent engagement and then to develop a best practice model for parent engagement for your school.

Create a better teacher experience

Teacher disengagement is a hot topic. We will work with you to define what a great employee experience looks like for your school and then develop an action plan to ensure you achieve a great experience every day.

Strengthen your leadership team

Communication in schools can be a big drain on resources. Using a DISC analysis tool, we will help you to understand how your communication style impacts those around you so that you and your team can communicate effectively.

Manage school information

Schools have lots of information to share but don’t always do so effectively or efficiently. We will work with you to put some simple but effective communication processes in place to avoid information overload, confusion and wasted time and money.

Be ready for change

Change in schools is a constant, whether it is from external factors such as an Ofsted inspection or an internal change of leader or new technology. We will work with you to develop change resiliency in your school and make sure you are ready for a change or crisis before they happen.

Market your school

Modern marketing relies on advocacy and sharing of feedback rather than broadcast marketing of years gone by. We will work with you to develop advocates for your school through engaging parents and students in your marketing approach.

Half day workshops from £1,000 for up to 10 people tailored to meet your specific requirements.