Your Personal Communications Fitness Test

To better understand your own communication fitness, complete the test below. For each question, score yourself between 1-5, where 1 is a real area for improvement and 5 is where you excel and are at your best.

  1. How confident are you in your ability to communicate with other people?
  2. How confident are you in dealing with people in difficult and unexpected situations?
  3. How well would people say that you listen to them?
  4. How committed are you personally to improving your communication skills?
  5. How well do you understand the different ways (styles) that people communicate?
  6. How confident are you in communicating with people depending on these different styles?
  7. How well do you understand the impact of your communication style on others?
  8. How confident are you in sharing your ideas with other people?
  9. How confidently are you able to influence others who have a different view to your own?
  10. How often do you check if people have understood what you said?
  11. How fully do you invest in improving your communication skills?
  12. How well do you prepare to speak in front of larger groups of people or for important face to face communication opportunities?
  13. How confident are you in speaking to larger groups of people?
  14. How well are you able to communicate in writing/text?
  15. How clear are the messages you write or say to others?
  16. How likely are you to experience misunderstandings and confusion when you communicate?


How did you score? 

16 – 25 Inadequate

You really need to take some time to build your communication skills. But the good news is that you’ve made a start by being more self-aware. By making some simple changes, you’ll see some real benefits and will be more fulfilled in your job. You’ve started to understand some of the areas where you are less confident. We’ll start to guide you through how to improve on some of the pages here. For more information please get in touch. Let’s start the journey together. 

26 – 45 Requires improvement

So, you are doing OK but there is some room for improvement. There are simple things you can do to improve on the basics you have already. Have a think about where you felt least confident and you can target these areas as you read our website. Being self-aware is important and you’ve taken a first step. Keep an eye and ear out for opportunities to understand more about how you are doing in your day-to-day job. 

46 – 65 Good

You are doing well and have a great foundation in place to build on. It won’t take much for you to get to ‘Outstanding’. Think about the areas where you felt less confident and keep them in mind as you go browse our website. Actively ask for feedback from your peers to improve and continue to be self-aware.

 66 – 80 Outstanding

You are doing very well and are a communications role model! But remember that even the best of us have to keep improving. Ensure that you stay at the top of your game and continue to be the best by learning from some of our best practice and asking for regular feedback from your peers.