Enabling Schools

How we work with schools

We will work with you in a way that best suits you. Here are some examples:

We can help you to create better parental engagement, to build a strong school leadership team, to engage, recruit and retain teachers and support students in having a voice.

Our book, available now, will be accompanied by a range of resources and online learning to support school leaders, administrators, Marketing heads and teachers in communicating to achieve better student outcomes.
We’ve provided a couple of downloads for you to use to support your school communication. Let us know what you would like to see on this page. If you would like to keep informed about what’s new in this section sign up for updates


Your School Communication Toolkit

We will be adding more and more downloadable templates to support practical and simple things you can do to improve communication:

Crisis communication plan template

School communication plan template

SWOT template

Creating your inspirational message template

Welcome to Fit2Communicate for schools

5 Ways Schools Can Take Pressure Off Teachers

We’re seeing too many headlines about the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. But what practical steps can be taken to take some of the pressure off teachers? 

We’ve identified five things that relate to communication and culture.

Reduce the information overload