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How we work with schools

We can help you to break down communication barriers to education, while saving your team time and money and building your school’s reputation. Our ideas are simple to introduce and will help your school team and students to be at their best.

We provide:

  • Leadership team coaching – individual and team coaching sessions to understand your unique communication preferences and how you can work better together.
  • A focus on parental engagement – identifying simple ways to manage information and better engage parents, based on where you are now and putting clear measures in place.
  • A teacher engagement approach – training sessions to support teachers in being better communicators, helping them to work better together across the school team and supporting you in keeping the best teachers, and attracting more.
  • Ways to make the most of your Marketing budget – we give you simple ways to make the most of your school community, as advocates for your school, so you can reduce or use your Marketing budget in the best way.

Get help now

Take a look at our book for some initial ideas.

And you can download resources from the toolkit below.


Let us know what else you would find helpful. 


Your School Communication Toolkit

We’ll add more downloads over time. Let us know if you’d like to be informed about new resources:

  1. Step by step school communication: 9 steps to communication success (infographic)
  2. Helping you to be ready for difficult conversations: Tips for difficult conversations with parents (infographic)
  3. Be ready before crisis hits: Crisis communication plan template
  4. A simple communication template to guide your approach: School communication plan template
  5. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: SWOT template
  6. A simple guide to planning an impactful and inspirational message, whether it is verbal or written: Creating your inspirational message template
  7. Annual communication planner: Communication ideas for the entire year
  8. Open day article: Ideas for your next school open day

Welcome to Fit2Communicate for schools

5 Ways Schools Can Take Pressure Off Teachers

We’re seeing too many headlines about the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. But what practical steps can be taken to take some of the pressure off teachers? 

Take a look at five things, which we believe you can do now, to relieve the pressure related to communication and culture.

Reduce the information overload

Welcome to Fit2Communicate for schools