“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.”

We can support you whether you are an individual, organisation or a school

Being a great communicator is about investing in our skills, knowledge and behaviour, just like we would invest in anything else we care about. Being self-aware and brave enough to ask for honest feedback is a great starting point.

Try our communication fitness test as a starting point or, for a more in depth analysis, we specialise in a behavioural analysis tool called Puzzle DISC. Contact us to take this test at a small cost. The findings can then form the basis for your personal communication coaching.

So, what's the difference between a great communicator and a not so good one?

Well, first you need to know how you are communicating right now. Being self-aware and brave enough to ask for honest feedback is a great starting point. We can help you do this whether you are an individual or organisation. We can use a short survey approach called Puzzle DISC. We’ve found it crazily accurate in understanding an individual’s natural, underlying behaviour and how they adapt to certain environment or surroundings (their adapted behaviour). See below and see if you can guess which colour you are.

Take your communication fitness test and see how you do.

Once you know where you are then you can work out where you want to be. We can help you to understand and reach your full potential, using high performance coaching techniques from sport, with a simple and realistic action plan. Being a great communicator, is about investing in your skills, knowledge and behaviour, just like you would invest in anything else you care about.

Coming soon – free checklists to help you communicate better.

And what results will you see?

  • You’ll better understand why people behave and communicate in the way they do so you can respond and not react
  • You’ll be better equipped to respond to difficult and unexpected situations.
  • What you are trying to say will be understood by friends, family and colleagues.
  • There will be less confusion and time wasted trying to address misunderstandings.
  • You’ll take people with you on important decisions and ideas.
  • You’ll be able to network better and share your views through social media.
  • You’ll be more confident in communicating in front of larger audiences.
  • You’ll be more aware of your own impact on other people.
  • More people will want to work with you.
  • Your relationships will be better (everywhere).
  • You’ll be less stressed.
  • You’ll grow in confidence and in your job.

Learn about our different communication preferences using Puzzle DISC

Puzzle DISC is a behavioural style analysis that is used in many situations where people’s differences are important, such as in recruitment, group development, leader development, sales development and communication.

We’ve found it to be a great starting point for helping people to understand their communication preferences and impact on others.

Take a look at the below and see if you can work out what colour you are. You can access a free test to check your preferences here (please be aware that the colours are different although the labels are the same).

Contact us if you would like to do the full survey and have a discussion about the findings. We can also follow this with your personal communication coaching programme.