Your personal communication compass

Posted by Karen

85% of our success is determined by how well we communicate.

Whether you need to build your communication confidence or develop better school relationships or present to fellow members of the school team or parents, taking time to build your communication mastery will make a fundamental difference to your life.

Use the Communication Compass to help you to think through:


A positive mindset can make a big difference when it comes to communication and that positivity rubs off on others, making them feel good. It’s important that we focus on what is important and everything we do is aligned to our personal values. Then communication is authentic, and we can remain resilient.


We can only be good communicators if we understand ourselves and those around us. Consider:

  • Where am I now in my relationships and being able to communicate effectively?
  • What are my communication strengths?
  • What are the areas where I can improve?

If you are unsure, seek feedback from friendly colleagues. You can contact Fit2Communicate if you’d like to find out more through a tool we use called DISC to build communication self-awareness or you can take the communication self-test.


It’s fundamental that we understand what makes us unique, so we can make the most of our special gifts. Half of who we are is determined by genetics and then we can shape the other half through our environment and mindset. This means that, for example, if we have an inner fear of presenting then the likelihood is that we can overcome this through understanding where those fears come from and building our confidence over time.


Finally, when you have underpinned the foundations of your communication with understanding of yourself and building your mindset, you can focus on building your communication skills. The most important communication skill is listening, and this also requires us to understand what questions to ask. Then, of course, there are the more obvious skills of speaking in front of people, writing in an engaging way that connects with your audience and dealing with difficult conversations.

So, are you ready to understand your communication compass and to find your way to success?


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