We’re beyond happy! Fit2Communicate are the education gold sponsors for the National Happiness Awards 2018

Posted by Karen

We are so incredibly happy to support the National Happiness Awards this year. As education gold sponsors, we want to encourage schools to recognise their happiest team members and students. Take a look at how you can enter.

The National Happiness Awards recognise and honour the happiest people and places in the UK. They are judged by an independent panel of experts (including Karen and Justin from Fit2Communicate) and culminate in a gala awards evening, in November, of fun and glamour. The awards recognise happiness heroes from business, the public sector and education. 2018 marks the third year the awards have been running and each year they have grown in size and profile. They are the only awards of their kind in Britain and attract significant media attention.

The Awards are run by Laughology, which was founded in 2006 by Stephanie Davies. It is a unique and ethical, training and consulting organisation built around the psychology of humour, laughter and happiness.

The Laughology model of learning and development improves performance and builds happy and effective organisations across business and education sectors, by using a combination of full organisational behaviour change programmes, supported by one off sessions and workshops.

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