You’ve bought new technology for your school: how to get people to use it

Posted by Karen

There is great education technology on the market. In fact, the options can be overwhelming. But let’s say you’ve decided to buy a piece of technology. You’re excited but what about everyone else?

The next steps are critical to ensure your investment pays off. You need to take a planned approach to getting people to want to use the technology. This requires more than the installation of a system. You need to change people’s mindsets and behaviours. It requires people to rewire their brains to want to do something differently.

We’ve defined four steps (see below) to guide you through the change that will, if you manage the people side well, ensure your technology is six times more likely to succeed.

Step 1: Create a desire to change

  • Be clear about how this technology will help your school achieve its vision.
  • Articulate why what you’re doing now isn’t working and what will be better in the future.
  • Reflect on what you can learn and celebrate from the past.
  • Think about the people who need to use the technology. What will motivate them and be their concerns? Better still ask them and listen!
  • Find facts about how it works in other schools.
  • Build the change story with your leadership team so you believe it and speak with one voice.


Step 2: Make it personal

  • Define different groups of people who need to use the technology.
  • Think about other things happening in their ‘worlds’ and what this means for how you support them.
  • Identify support and training they need – technical, mindset and behaviours.
  • Understand who will influence them to want to use it, so it becomes the norm.
  • Agree who will support this, early on, and be your champions. Make their role formal in the change.
  • Share evidence that it will make their jobs easier.


Step 3: Provide tools & knowledge

  • Have a simple communication plan. Be clear about who you are communicating with, how, when and why.
  • Offer bite size training or coaching.
  • Celebrate the new technology being introduced.
  • Provide at a glance documents as reminders for daily work.
  • Support your champions to help their colleagues.
  • Thank and reward champions.
  • Visibly and regularly ask for feedback. Act on what you find out.


Step 4: Live it, learn and improve

  • Use the technology as a leader role model.
  • Make it part of daily school conversations.
  • Recognise people for using it.
  • Measure who is and isn’t using it and support those who need more help.
  • Learn from the change so you can use the experience for the future.
  • Share stories about how it’s helping people to do their jobs and the benefit to your school.
  • Celebrate successes!


If you’d like support in helping people in your school to use new technology, contact us for a chat.



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