Is wanting to be the best enough to get employees out of bed in the morning?

Posted by Karen

IMG_0701We know that companies that have a vision that connects more deeply, at an emotional level, are going to be more successful particularly when that vision is lived by everyone in the organisation. They’ll build greater employee engagement and advocacy, will retain and attract the best employees and employees will deliver even more (they’ll be more productive rather than having to put in more hours). This clearly has an impact on the customer experience and profits.

So why do we still come up with benign visions about wanting to be the leading company in x market or to be the best. What does that actually mean? The best compared with who/what? Why should employees really care?

Wouldn’t you rather work for an organisation that wants to make a difference in this world or has a true alignment with your deeper values?

There are some good examples in this article: 12 of the Best Vision & Mission Statement Examples From Real Companies

So if you are communications professional fighting your corner with the leaders of the business to build a vision that truly connects with people – then keep going. You can make a real difference. And if you need some support we can help: Contact us at

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” Simon Sinek

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