It’s time to take communication seriously in education leadership

Posted by Justin

There’s a lot in the news and in social media about education leadership. For example, take a look at the discussion around the recent Inspiring Leadership education event in Birmingham last week.

What we aren’t seeing is much about the importance of communication. But it’s critical that every leader is a great communicator. We created the word cloud below based on tweets from the event where you can clearly see leader but not communication.

The 2014 Ketchup Leadership Communication Monitor reported:

“Open communication remains critical to effective leadership – again the top-ranking attribute, with 74% viewing it as very important to great leadership – yet only 29% feel leaders communicate effectively with a 45-point expectation/delivery gap.”

Education leadership is clearly no different but whILConf16at are we doing to focus on this vital ingredient?

There is an increased emphasis on the need to develop leadership communication skills due to:

  1. The Department for Education’s recent White Paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’
  2. Standards for Excellence for Headteachers
  3. The focus from Ofsted in their assessments on communication
  4. The move towards academisation

There is a continued need to nurture strong relationships between schools and parents. We know this improves academic results. This requires two-way communication, that can be managed effectively without adding to the pressure on teachers, again led from the top by the head.

And we know that headteachers need to inspire and motivate teams of increasingly demotivated and highly pressured teachers, to ensure we attract and retain good teachers within schools.

We (at Fit2Communicate) are parents of school age children and are passionate about improving communication in education. We’re building a Headteachers’ Guide to Communication Success and other resources that we’ll expand out to teachers. To make this as useful as possible we need your help.

If you are headteacher please take just a few minutes to complete our survey – click here – to ensure that the resources we develop meet your needs. Thank you for helping us to help you.

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